About Me

Hi, My name is Nimh Kun and I am a taxi driver in Siem Reap.

I was born in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Pehn in 1969 and I have 4 brothers. Growing up as a small child in Phnom Penh was not an easy life due to the limitations of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Nhim Kun

In 1975 when I was only 6 years old, our family was forced to relocate to Kampong Thom province, which was my mother's homeland.

While living in Kampong Thom I had to work to help support my family. All children at the time had to work like the adults just to survive because the Khmer Rouge forbid anyone to study.

In 1979 my family and I moved back to Phnom Penh once again and I was able to start going to school and getting an education. I graduated high school in 1989 and went on to start a Bachelor degree in Management.

In 2005 I married my current wife who is a vendor at a local market in Siem Reap. We now have two children who are our lives.

Nihm Kun Nihm Kun

A little more about me:

  • Nationality: Cambodian
  • Born: 1969
  • Sex: Male
  • Family: Maried with 2 children

I speak several languages, including:

  • Khmer
  • English
  • Thai